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True Flex Knee Pads are better than ever, and it's time you gave a pair a try. No matter what your trade or industry, the True Flex offers outstanding support and protection for your knee joints while you work.


True Flex Safety Knee Pads provide superior protection and comfort by covering the knee well above and below the knee with a super tough polymer outer shell that has great abrasion and chemical resistance. It is lightweight and features a unique pivot point allowing the knee to flex naturally. This allows the user complete range of motion from kneeling to standing or even running while the knee pad stays in place and doesn't slip down. Straps do not bind as they are placed behind the knee and stay in place, they do not slip down. True Flex safety knee pads are used by hard working professionals whose jobs in some of the most extreme work conditions demand the best in knee protection.


  • Super tough custom polymer blend-outer shell is very pliable and does not crack
  • Dual Density 5/8" closed cell foam is the thickest and most comfortable inner foam pad on the market allowing for better knee protection
  • Air Vent System lets air flow to the knee and allows the knee to breathe and keeps the user cooler
  • Metal hinge rivets allow for the greatest flex of any safety knee pad available and do not come apart
  • Aggressive rubber grip strip provides maximum grip and create a flat surface for a more stable base
  • Woven nylon straps are soft and do not bind behind knee
  • Zip clip allows for easy on and off with easy adjustment even while in use-no Velcro

Overall, no matter how you make your living, True Flex Safety Knee Pads provide both comfort and protection. The outer shell resists abrasions and chemical damage. The closed-cell foam pad won't absorb moisture and the Air Vent System lets your knee breathe. Zip clip closures prevent the catching and binding that sometimes characterize Velcro fastenings, while not sacrificing support. The grip strip provides a level, stable base when kneeling. They're comfortable, designed to be worn for hours at a time. In addition to all these benefits, these knee pads are economical, as one set will last for years, even in extreme work environments. Use what the pros use!

Welding is a challenge to master and requires some basics to perform – one is a good rig, one is material to weld, and the last is good safety equipment. The first safety equipment to come to mind when most people think of welding is the mask and gloves, protecting eyes and skin from high heat and flying sparks. Knee pads may be considered farther down the list, but when you've tried to get up after a long period on one knee, you understand just how valuable a good, solid, well-fitting shelled knee pad like True Flex really is.

Mining is rough on the knees, and injuries are not at all uncommon. The stress applied to the patella, combined patella tendon, and other knee structures from periods of static kneeling results in a number of mining-specific injuries, including Miner's Knee (pre-patellar bursitis.) Hard-shell knee pads, like the True Flex, that protect against direct pressure, uneven or rocky surfaces, and torsion of the joint, are your best assurance of injury-free knees.

Construction requires flexibility – from kneeling to standing to ladder-climbing and back, often within the same task and repeated often. You need a knee pad that protects and stabilizes while kneeling, without binding, slipping or inhibiting motion while moving. The no-Velcro, zip clip attachment system used by True Flex ensures comfort and easy adjustment while on the move, without slipping or binding.

Electricians work indoors and out, each with its hazards. Indoor floors can have screws and cable ties lying about; outdoor work sites can have rocks, glass and other objects to damage the knee. True Flex knee pads protect you from all of these hazards.

Installing flooring requires a lot of kneeling, and crawling and it puts a lot of wear on a knee. True Flex knee pads give your knee joints a soft, safe place to spend your workday while you lay down the carpets and put in the tiles.

Railroad workers need knee pads too! Kneeling on ballast, bumping on equipment, falling on uneven grades can all result in joint damage if proper protective knee pads are not worn. The lightweight and flexible True Flex knee pad is perfect for the job.

Roofing, just like flooring, can be rough on the knees. Carrying materials and tools up and down ladders, then kneeling for, potentially, hours at a time on various roofing materials makes you hurt. The True Flex knee pad provides comfortable support and cushion-soft gel padding to keep you safe and pain-free no matter what roofing chore you're doing.

Hard dirt, rocks, all kinds of debris to torment your knees, not counting the hours of kneeling, crawling and reaching. The first thing you'll want to find on your dig is a good pair of sturdy, well-fitting knee pads, like those from True Flex.

The joint pressures of an agricultural professional are many. On the machinery, off the machinery, under the machinery, lifting and carrying and walking – all of it a potential cause of joint pain and damage. A reliable, durable set of True Flex knee pads will save you all these pains and problems and fit all day, comfortably and without binding.

Factories and warehouses offer their own risks and challenges to your knees. True Flex knee pads provide all the safety and comfort you need to feel as good when you go home as you did when you clocked in at the start of the day.

"The True Flex Knee Pads will be the best knee pads you have ever owned."


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True Flex Safety Knee Pad
True Flex Safety Knee Pad w/Gel Insert
Item #TSE-TFLX 2.0 GEL
$29.95 / per pair

True Flex Safety Knee Pad
True Flex Safety Knee Pad
Item #TSE-TFLX2.0
$26.95 / per pair

True Flex Gridiron Gel Knee Pad
True Flex Gridiron Gel Knee Pad
$29.95 / per pair

True Flex Gridiron Knee Pad
True Flex Gridiron Knee Pad
$26.95 / per pair

Hi-Viz Gridiron True Flex Knee Pad
Hi-Viz Gridiron True Flex Knee Pad
$32.95 / per pair

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